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Mack’s Apples is an eighth generation family-run farm of approximately 400 acres – with 100 dedicated just to apples. Pick your own apples and pumpkins in a number of different orchards. Visit the Farm Market in season for apples, tree-ripe peaches, several varieties of pears, fresh grown veggies, pumpkins, squash, local maple syrup, pies, honey and big helping of New Hampshire hospitality.

Enjoy a complete, fun Pick Your Own experience. Top-rated in New England, Mack’s Apples Pick Your Own has been twice selected as the People’s Choice award winner in the Best of New Hampshire edition of New Hampshire Magazine.

The Mack family has farmed the land continuously since 1732, making Moose Hill Orchards, home of Mack’s Apples, the oldest single family run farm in New Hampshire.

In Our Farm Market

Available now:
Fresh Picked Apples
Our Own Tree Ripened Peaches
Corn, Tomatoes and Peppers
Summer Squash and Cukes
Green Beans and Eggplant
New Hampshire Maple Syrup
Local milk, honey and eggs
Jams, jellies, pickles and pies

We also have canning peaches.

Apples: Tydeman, Paulared, Gingergold, Burgundy, Jonamac and the first Macintosh of the season.

Peaches: Glowing Star and Biscoe

We have a great crop of apples, peaches and pears this year. The pumpkin crop looks good also.

Our U-Pick Apples are open from 10-5 daily. Right now we are picking Jonamacs and the first Macintosh.

Call our hotline for the latest information:

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Farm Market: Open 9-6 Daily

U-Pick Apples: Open 10-5 daily

Ice Cream: Closed for the season


230 Mammoth Road
Londonderry, NH 03053